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Our approval

Financial investigations | Credit checks

Agency approved by the Ministry of the Interior – Art L 612-14 of the Internal Security Code

CNAPS n° AUT -092-2114-09-23-20150500009

Our profession is governed by article L621-1 of the Internal Security Code which defines our activity as follows:

"The liberal profession is subject to the provisions of this Title which consists, for a person, of collecting, even without stating their capacity or revealing the object of their mission, information or intelligence intended for third parties, with a view to the defense of their interests

In France, the "Private Law Investigator" status is regulated and controlled by the National Council for Private Security Activities (CNAPS-Ministry of the Interior).

Article L612-14 Ordinance No. 2012-351 of March 12, 2012:
Administrative authorization does not confer any official character on the company or the people who benefit from it. It in no way engages the responsibility of public authorities.

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