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A credit check is a financial evaluation process aimed at determining the ability of a person or company to meet its financial obligations, including analyzing its economic situation, credit history and sources of income.
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For a French entrepreneur wishing to set up in West Africa: VIA intelligence worked to identify entrepreneurs in line with the company's project and values and create a balanced joint venture. Result; today the company is developing in Ivory Coast and Ghana and is continuing its projects in Senegal.

In the context of a company buyout, VIA intelligence identified areas of potential risk and enabled the company to limit its approach to the most reliable developments.

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What are credit inquiries ?

The Via Intelligence agency, specializing in private investigations, offers solvency investigation services intended for companies as well as individuals. These surveys are useful in many situations, but what is their exact purpose? What do these creditworthiness investigations seek to determine, and under what circumstances is it wise to initiate them?

Credit inquiries are designed to address two main types of problems. They are particularly valuable for:

  • Collect detailed data on the financial health and legal situation of entities or individuals, with the aim of using it in your favor in litigation.
  • Prevent non-payment situations while maintaining your business volume.

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Solvency inquiries on a legal entity ?

These investigations can target companies both nationally and internationally, but they can also concern individuals, whether locally or abroad.

Concerning legal entities at national level, the investigation may be short-term if the financial risk is considered low (presumed insolvency less than €15,000) or more in-depth if the risk is higher. An initial investigation provides a detailed analysis of the company's activity and financial situation, while an in-depth investigation offers a detailed assessment of its payment capacity, taking into account its legal and economic context. Various aspects are examined, such as customer base, location of bank accounts, real estate, and other seizable assets.

Internationally, surveys of legal entities follow the same logic, with a distinction between short-term analyzes and more in-depth ones, based on risk assessment. For initial analyses, Via Intelligence provides key information on the identity and economic and legal context of the company. The in-depth surveys repeat and expand the evaluation criteria used at national level.

The solvency investigation on natural persons

Investigations concerning natural persons are clearly distinguished. An in-depth investigation can reveal information on the person's family situation (marital status, dependents, matrimonial regime), their professional situation (employment, spouse's situation), their assets (owner or tenant, debts, current rents) and their financial situation (bank accounts, social participations or shares).

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