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Who are we ? Philippe Cissé - Manager

23 years of experience in supporting individuals or legal entities, discreetly providing the elements necessary for informed decision-making. Via Intelligence is the result of methodical and far-sighted work to find the right information
relevant to our customers. Our priority, above all, is to provide humanity during difficult times encountered in life.

Choosing to consult us will generally come after feeling an area of discomfort, both professional and relational, followed by a long reflection on the action to be implemented.

We will welcome you, listening attentively and without judgment, allowing us to understand your issues. Our objective will be to recommend the best strategy to you, whether offensive or defensive.

The associated experts.......

Via Intelligence, beyond its know-how in investigation, has surrounded itself with a network of experts nationally and internationally, investigators, lawyers, investigative journalists and many others. .. Contacts who are knowledgeable about their environment, ready to pool their skills and whose sole aim is to provide you with the best service.

Alone we move forward, but together we go further....

What can we bring you ? Via Intelligence supports you

If you are a business :

  • Risk assessment and management
  • Collection and verification of the reliability of information necessary for the development and operational and financial security of your company

If you are an individual :

  • Search for proof of liability in the event of harm to your person or property

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supports your business throughout its life :

Before creating your business

  • To help you identify the right partners.
  • Surround yourself with reliable associates
  • Recruit trustworthy employees.

As your business grows

  • Check the compliance of your activity
  • Ensure the security of its installations
  • Check the authenticity of documents from stakeholders in your commercial success (prospects, customers, etc.)
  • Preservation and defense of your "brand equity" in the context of counterfeiting, unfair competition, denigration, etc.

In the context of litigation and disputes

  • By seeking evidence of offenses committed against you and producing documents admissible in court

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also positions itself to support the efforts of individuals, whatever your dispute in :

  • Cases of embezzlement
  • Breach of trust
  • Family disputes (inheritances)
  • Identity theft
  • Personal injury: through the search for evidence, identification of responsibilities in support of legal actions and outside of official investigations, thus accelerating conflict resolution processes

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